See why AGENT511 is the fastest and easiest way to interact with your customers. There are many options available to promote interactions with your constituents. Here is everything you wanted to know about AGENT511 but were afraid to ask.

Q: Is my market comprised of pervasive text messagers?


Yes. Nearly 60% of North America regularly text messages and the number of messages is growing 25% quarterly. Text messaging is regulated by the indsutry; as such, spam is mitigate and moreover, text is real-time. That’s why we’re starting to see new critical messaging services such as 9-1-1. If text isn’t your thing, we support voice, email, push notificaition, and social network integration.

Q: What is the cost for the text messaging service?


The consumer only pays standard text message rates to his/her mobile carrier. Clients pay the costs for applications, hosting services, professional services, short codes, and incremental voice, email, and text messages.

Q: Aren’t smart phones and mobile websites a better alternative to text?


Only sometimes. Text and transactional messaging don’t require an app download or good data coverage. SMS, MMS, and location-based services available without an app are readily accessible.

Q: What if the mobile subscriber is on the do not call list?


By texting the service, the subscriber is asking for a response, however, the marketer should not continue the discussion beyond the initially requested information. The Consumer Protection Act along with the CTIA and MMA guidelines should be carefully reviewed when using text and other messaging services. AGENT511 can help you navigate these guidelines.

Q: Aren’t text to 9-1-1 services free?


Yes, the underlying service is no cost from the carriers, however, delivery tools and integrated workflow from vendors like AGENT511 incur a cost.

Q: Why the name AGENT511 when your solutions address 311 and 911?


Don’t ever let your engineers name the company. We started offering services on our own text short code 511511.

Q: What is Good Egg Media LLC?


That’s our corporate name – in 2008, we added the AGENT511 line of messaging products and registered AGENT511 as our Illinois d/b/a.