About Us


Founded in 2007 in Chicago by a group of telecommunications, software, and user experience experts, AGENT511 is committed to developing state-of-the-art customer engagement tools that benefit from the latest industry and technology trends. Specializing in delivering integrated communication platforms for utilities, emergency services, municipalities, and enterprise, AGENT511 is an industry leader in mobile technology and customer contact center communications, providing their clients with the most robust integrated platform that delivers a seamless customer experience.


AGENT511 consults, analyzes, and designs best-in-class communications programs. Platforms are integrated and customized to meet clients’ needs. Projects are expertly delivered on time, on budget, and with recurring services provided from our local support center.

Unlike its competitors, AGENT511 delivers products from conception through to delivery, including integration services, hosting and support, technology platforms, and communication services. Their software platform was built from the ground-up, and includes sophisticated rule sets, communication preferences, and two-way interactivity. AGENT511 is highly experienced, providing high-availability, superior user experience, and integrated workflows.


AGENT511 works with industry leading integration partners and resellers, offering licensed or hosted and supported technology on a monthly or annual basis. Contact AGENT511 to join our partner program as a technology and/or channel partner.

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