Delight your customers with timely, relevant communications.

Our expertly deployed platforms provide mission critical communications to your communities by orchestrating the delivery of personalized multimedia messages.

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"Relevant, personalized notifications reduce calls in the call center because we reach out to our customers before they reach out to us. Now, it goes out almost instantly. It's a huge benefit to our customers."
PECO, eChannels Team PECO Customer Engagement Case Study
Canada Text-with-911

TEXTBLUE expands accessibility with nationwide coverage

AGENT511 partnered with the nation's leading carriers to deliver text communications for hard of hearing and speech impaired citizens.

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ComEd Outage Alerts

Improved customer experience through transparent communications

ComEd, an Exelon Company, deployed the first-of-its-kind text messaging outage alerts to the delight of its customers.

ComEd Case Study

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