Engage your audience with branded, interactive communications

On good days, customer bills are paid and appointments are confirmed. Your call center breaths a sigh of relief. But on others, you instantly notify customers about outages and leaks and remind customers about pending payments. But your call center is still relieved because you selected REACH™ Preference Management.

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Personalized communications

REACH cloud software platform proactively delivers seamless personalized communications. It leverages your rules, your brand, and your integrated data to call customers to action. INTERACTIVE Smart Sessions™ are configurable virtual assistants that empower customers to respond.

REACH is implemented at leading organizations across the country to contact customers and employees instantly with relevant, timely omnichannel messaging that inform and invoke calls to action.

PECO, BGE, ComEd, Evergy, City of Chicago and many more successfully integrate REACH with their information systems and external services to create seamless, automated interactions across the organization.

  • Emergent, volume messaging
  • Configurable rules and templates
  • Leverage cloud data and analytics in workflows
  • Text, email, voice, social, surveys, virtual badges, and IoT
  • Outages, leaks, billing & payment, appointments, usage, marketing
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Ad hoc instant communications

Address gaps in the customer journey by quickly segmenting customers to deliver timely information.

  • Author, approve, and save templates
  • Partition lists based upon data analytics such as power or payment status, type, and location
  • Shortened links, wallets and calendars
  • Dashboard to schedule notifications and results
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Two-way Smart Chat

Alleviate call center congestion while engaging customers with self-service automation using chat bots. Check out our webinar on virtual assistants.

  • Configurable, multilingual workflows and templates
  • Pre-built utility AI intents dictionary for utilities and local government.
  • Use TEXTBLUE browser chat or integrate with third-party CRM platforms
  • Text, IVR, web, and social chat
  • External integrations including live chat
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TCPA regulatory compliance

Integrated ENFORCE engine applies your business logic to customer interactions to maximize satisfaction, TCPA and DNC legal compliance, and customer privacy.

  • Orchestrates carrier and customer portability
  • Filters blocked customers
  • Consolidate opt-out events across siloes
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Efficient solutions for Municipal and Cooperative Utilities

Need advanced communication solutions tailored to your utility’s unique needs while maintaining a personal touch in customer relationships? AGENT511 REACH offers tools to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency for municipal and cooperative utilities.

  • Instantly send text messages, emails, and voice calls tailored to customer data, ensuring timely and relevant communication
  • Seamless integration with spreadsheets, CIS, OMS, and GIS data, allowing easy automation and personalization
  • Use chatbots and live chat for enhanced customer interaction and support
  • Capable of handling high-volume messaging during emergencies, with robust security features
  • Create multilingual, flexible templates for various communication needs, from outage notifications to billing updates
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REACH Results

REACH is an award-winning application that has run consistently for over a decade.

  • AGENT511’s text messaging notifications are read 95% of the time (6-8x more than email)
  • During heavy storm activity, REACH processes 100,000+ outages every few minutes
  • Our client BGE won the 2021 Chartwell Bronze Customer Care award for its implementation of REACH text chat
  • Over 85% of customers polled appreciated their outage notifications
  • Real-time AMI initial outage notifications alleviated 75% of contact center calls reporting the outage
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PECO REACH Customer Communications

PECO leveraged REACH Preference Management in order to expand channel capabilities and interactivity to expeditiously inform customers about service disruptions.

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