Build community trust with expanded communications

AGENT511's CITYTEXT delivers two-way text communications that alleviates congestion through self-service text, social, and voice bots. Our award-winning applications are trusted by the City of Chicago, NYC, San Francisco Airport and many more.

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Expand access via mobile and social channels

As of today, 98% of adults in the US own a mobile phone (over 272 million are smartphone users), and 90% of customers prefer text messages over direct phone calls.

Local government is challenged to offer premium services to a diverse community on-the-go. AGENTT511 CityText combines proactive service and billing alerts with two-way, interactive virtual assistants, called bots. Bots alleviate congestion in the call center by instantly providing access to local information and service requests on the mobile phone.

CityText encourages transparency by exposing the status of service requests, by proactively notifying opted-in citizens when their trouble tickets are complete, and by offering the ability to chat directly with an agent or submit pictures from their smartphones. Our integrated LiveStream application offers a way to expedite services and avoid dispatch by acquiring remote streaming video and location directly from the mobile phone.

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Empower your community with universal access to resources at their fingertips

CityText provides information and services requests via text, social, and voice using artificial intelligence (AI) to access your knowledgebase and workflow. The system uses (AI) to determine the user’s intent and determine the appropriate action, including submission of integrated service requests. The platform continues to notify the user of the ticket status as the work is completed. Example workflows include potholes, code violations, public transportation, and frequently asked questions. Key benefits include:

  • Alleviate congestion by off-loading simple requests
  • Delivers services during off-hours
  • Multilingual across rich channels
  • Universal handset and network
  • Transparency and Smarter City
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Personalized, proactive communication calls your citizens to action

CITYTEXT is designed for maximum uptime and capacity. The platform includes archival and reporting functionality as well as open interfaces to 3rd party applications. Key features include:

  • Text knowledgebase searches
  • Open 311 service request interface compatibility
  • Reverse 311 for outgoing notifications
  • Solicited pictures and videos
  • Live, interactive chatbots
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Leverage innovative platforms for real change

AGENT511 award-winning applications have run consistently for over a decade.

  • AGENT511’s text messaging notifications are read 95% of the time (6-8x more than email)
  • During heavy storm activity, REACH processes 100,000+ outages every few minutes
  • TEXTBLUE is delivered nationwide in Canada across all wireless carriers and 9-1-1 centers
  • Our client BGE won the 2021 Chartwell Bronze Customer Care award for its implementation of REACH text chat
  • Over 85% of customers polled appreciated their outage notifications
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ChiTEXT mitigates 3-1-1 call volumes while fostering innovation and transparency

The City of Chicago 3-1-1 Center is one of the nation's first, receiving nearly 5 million annual calls with the percentage received from mobile devices constantly growing. The City needed a two-way mobile accessible platform to be delivered as part of their customer engagement strategy.

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ChiTOT: A Mayor's Directive to Improve Toddler Health

The City of Chicago's Department of Information Technology (DoIT) turned to Motorola Solutions and AGENT511 to expand its existing text program. The result was ChiTEXT, to meet the needs of today's Women-Infants-Children (WIC) recipients by providing alerts with developmental timelines based upon the gender and age of the child.

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