Deliver multichannel mass notifications while growing customer relationships

ISO notifications and severe weather require timely, personalized customer communications. Municipal and Cooperative Utilities can now instantly send text messages, emails, and voice calls using customer data filtered by type, transformer, or location. Achieve all of this while maintaining the personal touch in your customer relationships.

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Effortless customer engagement

Energy and water distribution is more complex with changing customer and regulatory expectations, the precipitous rise in endpoints such as renewables and EV’s, and severe weather events.

REACH Cloud customer engagement-as-a-service delivers multichannel communications instantly.  It offers easy integration options for Munis and Coops that includes spreadsheets and simple, modern CIS and OMS interfaces to deliver on-demand and scheduled personalized email, voice, and SMS text messages.

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Introducing REACH. More than a notification platform

REACH is a hosted customer engagement platform trusted by Munis and Coops that achieves the right balance between personalization and high-volume communications. It operates in accordance with your rules, your schedules, and your customer’s needs.

  • Rules and templates are configurable to provide flexibility across email, voice, text, social, and even print
  • Leverages customer preferences, your integrations, and data analytics to deliver timely, relevant interactive communications
  • State-of-the-art integrations and data applications offers an enhanced customer experience
  • Continuous investment in interactive virtual assistants such as chatbot and live chat
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Seamless workflows

Real-time customer and employee communications for emergent and maintenance event updates scaled to meet your needs.

  • Spreadsheet upload facilitates personalized, relevant multi-channel messaging
  • Rich multilingual templates with flexible fields and across email, voice, and text with social and print options
  • Dashboard messaging reports include two-way responses available on text and voice
  • Simple API integration for CIS, OMS, and GIS data automation
  • Resilient and secure with plenty of capacity for rapid high-volume messaging
  • Emergent and planned outages and leaks, load curtailment, billing, payment, and usage
  • Chatbot options for two-way interactivity
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Segment and notify

Manual and automatic orchestration of messaging that combines rules and messaging channels.

  • Use your GIS objects to segment notifications to those impacted by events
  • Create custom filters such as customer type, assigned assets, and geographic area
  • Use changing crew status and restoration time to deliver relevant, timely alerts
  • Opt-in/out supported across channels
  • Administer templates and filters in our secure administrative portal
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REACH Results

REACH is an award-winning application that has run consistently for over a decade.

  • AGENT511’s text messaging notifications are read 95% of the time (6-8x more than email)
  • During heavy storm activity, REACH processes 100,000+ outages every few minutes
  • Our client BGE won the 2021 Chartwell Bronze Customer Care award for its implementation of REACH text chat
  • Over 85% of customers polled appreciated their outage notifications
  • Real-time AMI initial outage notifications alleviated 75% of contact center calls reporting the outage
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PECO REACH Customer Communications

PECO leveraged REACH Preference Management in order to expand channel capabilities and interactivity to expeditiously inform customers about service disruptions.

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