Expedite and enhance dispatch accuracy

Increase situational awareness by acquiring solicited mobile phone streaming video from the community. Reduce remote inspections with location-aware mobile browser video.

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Situational awareness matters

Fire rages across town and equipment is dispatched predominantly based upon the citizen’s assessment over the phone. Police officers rush to an event while dispatchers compile information via text. Utility crews respond to phone reports of damaged equipment and poles down without knowing the right assets to be deployed.

In each case, one of the most important available tools is not utilized—the camera phone.

Had dispatchers been able to link the call with multimedia and live streaming video, first responders could have been better prepared. With eyes on the ground, dispatchers make better assessments and field crews leverage improved situational awareness to rapidly tackle danger when seconds count.

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Seamless, smart workflow

TEXTBLUE LiveSTREAM puts dispatch in control of streaming video and multimedia. It works with any call handling equipment and smart phone. Dispatch solicits media by having users click or reply to a text.

  • Standard carrier services and browser
  • No app downloads, no sign-in
  • Configurable multiway sharing
  • MMS pre-recorded pictures, video, or audio
  • Archival and reporting
  • Artificial intelligence and location-based text call routing
  • Integrated or standalone available
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Streaming video alleviates dispatch for code inspections

LiveSTREAM automatically includes web location for more accurate service delivery and verification purposes. It offers local government the ability to leverage the phone camera in order to acquire property information relevant for code enforcement. The process is solicited by the dispatch center or public works using a single text message with a link to the multimedia session. This reduces the number of truck rolls and expedites the code inspection process. This can be used inside the residence or business or on the grounds or in the vehicle.

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AGENT511 award-winning applications have run consistently for over a decade.

  • TEXTBLUE is delivered nationwide in Canada across all wireless carriers and 9-1-1 centers
  • Chicago OEMC was the first nationwide to solicit picture messages in 2010 via TEXTBLUE
  • Our client, Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Network, was the first 9-1-1 agency to offer location-based text for accessibility
  • TEXTBLUE helps to combat human trafficking at San Francisco Airport by providing a ‘silent’ text channel to request help
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Greater Harris County Case Study

Text-to-911 with rich features such as text back, language translation, and recorded multimedia since 2012.

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Wireless carriers selected TEXTBLUE to facilitate texting

TEXTBLUE was deployed nationwide to provide access to emergency dispatch services for hard of hearing and speech impaired citizens.

View our Canada's T9-1-1 deployment Case Study

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