Even with the advent of text and social networks, voice services are not going anywhere.  In fact, numerous studies show the use of automated and interactive voice increasing.  While AGENT511’s  REACH solution always supported voice templates, we are pleased to add text to speech (TTS) with our platform partner, Aculab. This channel and its templates may now be configured, self-service, by Program Administrators. It supports flexible fields and multilingual encoders to help improve the customer experience, especially when the message being sent is via foreign language. The channel is being launched as part of an important “Appointment Reminders” effort by an AGENT511 client.

In addition to the new channel, AGENT511 is partnered with Neustar who provides the ability to customize caller ID so that upon receipt of a message from the contact center’s phone number, the appropriate caller ID will be shown.  A recent study of caller ID for toll-free numbers by a major utility contact center reported that 80% of caller ID hits showed “800 service” or the wrong organization.  Imagine an improved answer rate if the caller ID were to properly reflect the brand, for example “ComEd” or “Republic Bank.”  This service may be offered independently of AGENT511’s voice services.

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