by Jay Malin, Managing Director

REACH platform is readily available to deliver resilient, relevant multichannel communications to customers, citizens, students, or employees. Messages may be filtered by customer type, location/area, or other custom fields in order to create relevant, personalized communications.  Multilingual templates may be designed for each channel and archived for subsequent use.  All of this allows organizations such as utilities and local government to confidently deliver informational updates during service interruptions, weather events, or healthcare crises.  Channels include rich email, SMS text messaging, and our most recent text-to-speech service.  Apple Business Chat development is currently in process and when complete will extend the organization’s brand.  Ad hoc functionality is offered stand alone and notifications are triggered from the REACH single sign on (SSO) browser.

Ad hoc is complemented by REACH two-way which offers the ability to reply to alerts to confirm resource availability such as employee status.  Two-way also allows wireless users to submit text messages and receive custom template responses which direct users to informational websites or addresses  of local resources such as health clinics.  Further, two-way may be configured to create service requests or initiate web chat.

AGENT511’s expert team is ready to assist organizations by quickly provisioning campaigns that inform and engage users.