AGENT511 is a sponsor of the EUCI 2017 Outage Communications conference in Denver.

Nearly 90% of utilities in North America face an emergency outage event at least once per year and 1 in 4 utilities deal with as many as five outages per year. While the primary focus for utilities is restoration of power during an outage, in the minds of many customers, communication is an integral part of the restoration process.

During outages customers are seeking information which can be in the form of emails, text messages, social media or non-digital communication. Customers expect an estimate as to when their power will be restored, knowledge of affected areas and information concerning next steps.

At EUCI’s 7th Outage Communications conference, utility and industry professionals will share best practices in handling outages and how organizations continue to transform the communications landscape. Conference attendees will enjoy quality networking with industry peers and will take away great ideas for refining and administering their outage communications programs.

AGENT511 is pleased to be a sponsor of this conference. Please visit to discuss the benefits of real-time outage communications to your organization, the challenges of integrating real-time communications into legacy systems and relevant regulatory compliance with our experienced team.

The Conference & Expo runs September 27-28, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.