Can you FIND me now? Software tools help locate mobile users without infrastructure

by Karen Dmytriw, AGENT511 Consultant

Form Covid-19 to Natural Disasters to Civil Disturbance, the ability to accurately locate an incident and those impacted are crucial. 

In the past, with the exception of 9-1-1, most dispatch centers were entirely dependent on the mobile user to manually provide location. Mobile apps such as ridesharing services could deliver location, but without access to an app, most dispatch centers were entirely dependent on the user’s ability to provide an accurate location. In some areas, especially internationally and inside campuses, location is not as easily described and is minimally acceptable.  

AGENT511 is now able to automatically receive opt-in mobile phone map location integrated into its TEXTBLUE and REACH applications. This capability is accessibility by campus, utility, and transportation command centers. Combined with our on-demand geofencing, command centers cannot only locate, but isolate incidents and create custom routing rules.

Mitigate privacy concerns

AGENT511 uses only the opt-in smart phone maps for the duration of the incident that must be authorized by the owner. It avoids sharing location outside the dispatch center and provides the dispatcher the coordinates, accuracy, and civic address in order to deliver both emergent and non-emergent services. The process is a single mobile message and click of a one-time, secure expiring link.

Detect & route major incidents instantly

Unfortunately, more often than not, emergency situations do not just impact a single individual. Many incidents result in a flood of texts and multimedia being received by the emergency dispatch center. Being able to recognize and group them, on demand, offers the center the ability to rapidly address the major incident while directing other calls for service to available dispatchers. Early detection of a major incident is critical to a strong incident management plan. View a quick demo here.