At the Chartwell Outage Communications Conference last week in Chicago, our CTO, Raed Adhami, and Managing Director, Jay Malin, gave a presentation on the importance of consistent branding and voice across communication channels.  Naturally, as communication methods and programs grow organically across an organization – whether large utility or financial services provider – the lack of orchestration can lead to diminished customer experience.

Without consolidating platforms, the analytics required to report and improve satisfaction becomes nearly impossible.  As such, large organizations should look to integrate extensible platforms and create communication templates that maintain a single voice and brand.  As new social and innovative channels like chatbots are added, campaigns do not need to be completely recreated; instead, the customer engagement hub should adapt templates and rules to legacy campaigns. We suggest that organizations take an inventory of their customer interactions and programs and assess opportunities to integrate and update communication templates to reflect the brand.  AGENT511’s REACH solution is built to fill gaps in the journey to reduce customer friction.