ChatGPT and Automation of Tools

Listen in at any conference how ChatGPT will replace our contact center staff and communications teams will be replaced by automation tools.  Yes, there are parts of this that are true, and we will essentially do this ourselves by providing the content for these new tools to train themselves.  Think as these intelligence “agents” as children mimicking the behavior of their parents, they continually “grow up” as do the parents.  It means that the parents must themselves continue to evolve.  For utilities, this offers the ability to train these “agents” to perform mundane tasks while training and providing our customer concierges more complex assignments across new programs such as green energy, electric vehicle programs, and distributed energy managed services.

We can use ChatGPT in our multilingual communication templates by training it previous content, stylistic templates, and our voice.  Instead of using the Internet broadly, we build a dictionary using previous templates.  We can use these templates to inform our messaging for new programs and on-demand communications for severe weather, customers in arrears, or load shedding.  Further, we can expand our English language templates to support not just the common languages in our service territory, but virtually any language preference.

Continued enhancement in artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT, combined with curated content from which the models learn, will ultimately enhance and expand customer service while putting staff in the best position to gain their trust in new energy programs and infrastructure.