by Jay Malin, Managing Director

Select customers have asked about our business continuity/disaster recovery (DR) policy as it pertains to coronavirus. We are able to report that our systems are hardened and our teams (and even vendor teams) are geographically dispersed nationally and internationally which offers flexibility and resilience.

It is the benefit of a modern workforce and cloud software platform. In addition to our standard continuity policies, we’ve notified our teams to take precautions in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations. We will continue to deliver the same quality support and development resources customers need. Travel remains supported, however, our team members are asked to consider the risks and necessity and coordinate with our leadership team.

Additionally, we offer our multichannel communications resources to clients, partners, and prospects who wish to expand their engagement during this emergent situation. We understand the importance of accurate and relevant communications on an ad hoc basis. Further, two-way interactivity may be useful to point customers, citizens, and employees to needed resources. Our assistance, as needed, will be delivered both affordably and in short order, to the extent possible. Please let us know how we can help.

We wish all our best in overcoming this crisis.