Crafting a unique experience for C&I customers

It’s time to rethink customer service for C&I customers. While residential customers oftentimes steal the spotlight in the utility world, it’s Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers that fuel the utility profitability engine. Isn’t it intriguing that, despite their significant contribution to the bottom line, most digital transformation and customer engagement efforts at utilities prioritize the residential experience?

With residential customers there is always the looming pressure to keep this often more vocal customer base content—especially since their concerns can ripple into regulator meetings, rate cases, and bond interest discussions. Hence the historical focus on this customer base with a variety of technology offerings to address specific messaging, billing, and engagement needs.

For C&I customers, AGENT511 sees 2024 as the year of transformation. It’s time to go beyond traditional workflows where Key Account Managers are tasked with championing the unique needs of this customer type. Through market segmentation, utilities can craft a unique experience for each C&I customer. Think digital messaging designed to foster deeper connections. From giant manufacturers to local governments and landlords, the messaging process will transform to make interactions smoother and more tailored. At AGENT511 we’re not just stopping at extending our current platforms to include Key Account Managers in vital notifications. We’re diving deeper. Imagine custom filters, AI-driven insights, and platforms like ChatGPT orchestrating tailored messages for C&I customers, ensuring clarity while eliminating redundancy.

So, mark your calendars! Ready for a deep dive into the future of C&I engagement at utilities? Join us on January 18 at 1pm EST and hear from two outstanding webinar participants willing to share their insights: Wyndle Young at Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) and Gabe Nunez at Baltimore Gas & Electric.

Watch the webinar here >>