WEBINAR | Drive Customer Behavior With Mobile Energy Insights

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Speakers: Jay Malin, Managing Director of AGENT511; Laura Gousha, VP of Engagement at Mindgrub

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Rising energy and water costs combined with the need to alleviate costly live interactions, underscores the need to transition customers to digital programs that encourage energy efficiency and conservation. Jay Malin and Laura Gousha with AGENT511 and Mindgrub, respectively, share their experiences working with leading utilities to create engaging mobile insights programs. They focus on how to craft engaging communications that draws customers to the mobile app to evaluate and participate in energy savings programs. Further, Laura discusses how gamification techniques were leveraged to support energy efficiency program goals at a leading utility.

During this 20-minute webinar, we share insights on the following:
– Incorporate gamification into your mobile app to encourage engagement and drive customer behavior
– Nudging and multichannel alerts help inform customer usage
– Simple digital rewards incentivize customer engagement