Combine text and web to create a seamless Omni Channel customer experience.  A customer calls your IVR to start service and receives a one-time text with a shortened URL directly linking the customer to a secure collection form.  Another customer wishes to pay by text and an autoreply text includes a link to a one-time pre-authenticated PCI-compliant web form requesting financial details.  Because the one-time expiring link is associated with the customer via text, additional authentication, such as username and password, may not be required.  URL shortening helps to fit any authentication tokens within the text.

In an effort to reduce phishing schemes and fraud, the mobile phone industry has begun to block the use of common URL shorteners.  As such, we recommend using a custom short URL including the offering delivered by AGENT511. Our product team plans to introduce a short URL for flexible fields (“wildcards”), as well as a URL Shortener API.  A list of common short URL’s that may be blocked by wireless carriers and/or aggregators include:,,,,,,, and

Since people prefer mobile self-service to voice for resolution of their service needs, the ability to use text as a resource is imminent for an excellent customer experience.