How is your contact center helping your foreign language community? Try TEXTBLUE

It was fortuitous that I accidentally used our text-to-911 poster at the recent Western Energy Institute Contact Center conference.  Several utilities, with bulging diverse communities, saw that our text platform incorporates automated language detection and translation.  It is a capability that we first delivered in South Texas in 2015 to help expedite dispatch for Spanish language speakers.

We found that many utilities are struggling to deliver first call resolution to foreign language and non-native English speakers and our public safety story resonated with them.  Omnichannel messaging for live calls is prevalent, but until that moment, most, including myself, had not considered using text plus automated language services to alleviate live translation services while expending the call resolution.

Trust the major emergency dispatch centers across the country that uniquely leverage this capability.  It will maximize the quality of your service delivery to the community.  Contact us for a demonstration.