Your competitive edge: engaging, relevant communications

REACH™ students with personalized text and social communications by proactively supporting their needs. Students require instant access to information on their channel of choice, anytime.

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Encourage positive student behaviors and provide easy calls to action

Nudge students to seek resources by tightly integrating REACH with Student Information Systems and provide easy channels for them to access campus resources, including TEXTBLUE EnterpriseTM live chat.

  • Leverage analytics to promote retention
  • Proactively communicate via email and social channels
  • Convenient revenue collections like text-to-pay
  • Engagement for recruitment and alumni relations

Expand campus communications using REACH’s rich integration framework and powerful administrative portal

Inform students, faculty, and staff and provide the ability to seamlessly respond.  REACH INTERACTIVETM uses Natural Language Processing/AI in order to automatically provide information and create requests, including live chat with faculty.

  • Templates, rules, and multichannel
  • Two-way chat interactivity with school staff
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Popular text and social channels

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