Interactive patient communications to enhance outcomes

REACH™ delivers premium patient engagement and also allows clinicians the ability to collect results that will enhance success of medical treatments. Messaging is secure and personalized and allows patients the ability to interactively report on their status.

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A scalable integration platform that nudges patients to healthy behaviors

REACH is able to deliver post-treatment recommendations with scheduled messaging specific to treatment type.  Messaging templates are pre-recorded and scheduled and the sequence is initiated at the completion of treatment. 

  • Personalized multimedia videos and pictures to assist with post-treatment recovery
  • Promote positive health and development behaviors
  • Billing reminders and text-to-pay
  • Encourage engagement and avoid missed treatments

Use AGENT511’s REACH platform to engage, alert, and interact with your patients

These all contribute to better patient outcomes, improved compliancy for preventative care, and increased customer satisfaction.

AGENT511 platform selected to improve toddler health

Additional benefits and features include:

  • Branded configurable email, voice, text templates
  • Proactive, timely, relevant communications
  • Two-way interactive search and data collection
  • Scheduled reminders and alerts

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