Innovative Solutions for Vulnerable Customers: Key Takeaways from CS Week 2024

It was a pleasure seeing so many colleagues and friends at CS Week in Ft. Worth.  I hope you enjoyed the BBQ and hospitality in Texas as much as the AGENT511 team in attendance.  Aside from numerous conversations about the role of AI, we saw several combinations and unique technologies such the partnership between Meridian and DivDat and BlastPoint.  Both are seeking to create a consolidated, personalized customer experience, especially around vulnerable customers.  In the case of DivDat, they were seeking to expand payment channels that leverage their kiosks to make payments easy, especially for underbanked communities.  BlastPoint showed off the ability to expeditiously identify at-risk customers and combined with multichannel communications, seamlessly connect them with grant information.  Puget Sound Energy talked about their initiatives to contact and assist low-income customers and our team readily identified opportunities to close gaps in the journey for struggling customers.

Regrettably, our utility partners are observing extremely high arrears, but fortunately, many are seeking ways to encourage customers to participate in payment plans and take advantage of grants.  We recently learned that New Jersey reinstated its payment assistance programs and the challenge remains in ensuring customers are taking advantage of these programs.  Some of this may be achieved through proper segmentation of customers prior to disconnection and leveraging personalized, engaging communications that connect customers with payment and grant options.  We’re working with several providers and partners on these initiatives and are happy to share our experiences.

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