Insights from APCO 2022

by Jay Malin, AGENT511 Managing Director

In person conferences are back as I had the opportunity to participate in the Association of Public Safety Officers conference in California this past week.  Cloud solution providers took center stage and the ability to solicit multimedia and location from the mobile phone is now offered by several providers.

Intrado showed a prototype of AGENT511 partner video solution integrated with call handling (watch a short clip below), and RapidSOS maintained a steady flow of dispatch centers seeking text-to-911 embedded in its Portal (schedule your demo here).  Peraton, formerly Northrop Grumman, showed its CAD-to-CAD solution as did other providers.

Language translation for text continued to be a topic as did artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to expedite call handling as shown by Intrado and Motorola.

Yet, on many folks’ mind is the state of $10 billion funding for Next-Gen tied to FCC spectrum auctions making its way through Congress.  The event showed the industry remains strong and continues to progress towards new technologies.

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AGENT511 text-to-911 facilitates seamless, accurate dispatch and includes automated translation, device location, and streaming multimedia.  It is embedded in RapidSOS Portal and is trusted by the Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Network, the City of New York, SFO Dispatch, and PSAP’s of all sizes.