WEBINAR | Digital badges: A new way to incentivize customers

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Speaker: Ginger Goldman, CEO of BadgeCert

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Digital badges recognize accomplishments online so they can be shared by recipients on social media.  Imagine the impact of viral marketing your commercial and residential energy programs to the community?  It creates a channel by which you can reward and incentivize customer behaviors and acknowledge referrals.

Digital badges combine visual branding with embedded information and links to encourage viewers to automatically enroll in your programs.

They also offer you the ability to acknowledge internal professional development and training by members of your team.  This encourages continuous learning, engages employees, and provides a catalog of internal skills. 

Catch up with this interactive 30-min talk, and discover BadgeCert, a digital badging and micro-credentialing software tool developed by AGENT511 and adopted by millions of users globally.  Learn about the following:

– What are digital badges and how are they being used

– A model program to reward and incentive customer behaviors 

– Increase excitement, engagement, and retention internally for these initiatives

– Collect vital marketing analytics and catalog customer and employee experiences & skills