WEBINAR | Customer Engagement 101: Personalized notification drives chat bot calls to action

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Speaker: Jay Malin, Managing Director of AGENT511

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Create a consolidated customer experience by breaking down communication silos with a customer preference center platform.  Deliver the same branded, multilingual message across email, voice, text, mobile, and even print for maintenance events, leaks, billing & payment, usage comparisons, and severe disruptions.  We’ll discuss some best practices learned over the past 10-years.

Catch up with this interactive 20-min talk, and discover how a Customer Engagement Hub that orchestrates branded messaging campaigns across channels will delight your customers by delivering timely, preference-based communications.

Learn how to:

– Manage multilingual templates and update complex business rules in order to maintain message relevance;

– Schedule ad-hoc smart blasts to targeted groups, types of customers, or geographic areas;

– Control how and when each channel is invoked for messaging events with configurable logic;

– Turn your platform into a foundation for new services and device channels which continually evolve with technology.