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Maximize Situational Awareness with TEXTBLUE

Avoid inundating major services in the event of emergencies, such as accidents, inclement weather, or healthcare crises using natural language, location, and health data to expeditiously route and dispatch services.

  • Custom, on-demand text and geofencing routing
  • Configurable automated message replies
  • Set policy timers and exceptions to prioritize and avoid missed text calls

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CASE STUDY: Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Network (GHC), the communications district for metropolitan Houston, needed a better way to communicate with the speech and hearing-impaired community. In 2012, GHC deployed the AGENT511 TEXTBLUE browser platform allowing them to receive location-based SMS text messages from the public.


First 9-1-1 agency to offer location-based text for accessibility.

TEXTBLUE delivers multicarrier text calls across the district and notifies call takers and dispatchers of new messages with its patented voice integration with legacy call telephony. The platform facilitates transfers across the district and includes automated, side-by-side language translation capability. The platform also supports Next-Generation 9-1-1 to deliver 9-1-1 text messages by both carrier text control centers (TCC).

The resilient platform has processed tens of thousands of text calls for GHC and their customers and withstood Hurricane Harvey.  

In 2020, after being migrated to AGENT511’s geospatially diverse cloud, the district began accepting MMS pictures and videos.

Key Factors:

  • Diverse, resilient text-to-9-1-1 and multimedia services delivered via cloud
  • Language translation and text back fortify the district’s investment
  • Patented parallel voice call routes texts to next available call taker to ensure calls for service are not missed

AGENT511 TEXTBLUE is a critical tool empowering the speech and hearing-impaired community by expanding their reach and accessibility to emergency services while assisting with crimefighting and situational awareness.

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