Automate and Enforce Customer Privacy by Regulating Unwanted Communication

AGENT511's ENFORCE is a a privacy consent platform that maintains and applies user opt-in policies for web, Internet, and carrier communications throughout the organization breaking down communications silos and making privacy simple.

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Eliminate communications silos and benefit from a centralized single consent broker

Troubled by systems that can only make voice calls because they can’t delineate between wireline and wireless numbers? Troubled by systems for which your consent request could take several days?

Major communications silos can be avoided by a single consent broker that receives updates from carriers and different platforms and publishes updated lists. This allows for consolidation of data and maximizes integrity across the organization.

New tools, best practices, and real-time data synchronization interfaces are important components in any customer engagement strategy. And that’s why we created ENFORCE, a privacy compliance broker that offers simple solutions to complex business issues.

Comply with industry standards while enhancing customer experience

ENFORCE is designed to help protect your company by collecting, managing, and storing all customer contact information. Key benefits include:

  • Reduces regulatory compliance risk
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Easily integrates with leading systems
  • Automatic customer contacts
  • Blocks unintended communication
  • Self updates with major databases

Prioritizing privacy has never been easier

ENFORCE automatically applies business logic to customer interactions to maximize privacy protections in accordance with communications channel and program type. Key features include:

  • TCPA message and program policies
  • Blocking engine and filtering framework
  • Syncs to the Do Not Call Registry, number portability and lookup functionality
  • Access for authorized stakeholders
  • Batch and real-time API
  • Automated list management
  • Analytics dashboard

Leverage innovative platforms for real change

AGENT511 award-winning applications have run consistently for over a decade.

  • AGENT511’s text messaging notifications are read 95% of the time (6-8x more than email)
  • During heavy storm activity, REACH processes 100,000+ outages every few minutes
  • TEXTBLUE is delivered nationwide in Canada across all wireless carriers and 9-1-1 centers
  • Our client BGE won the 2021 Chartwell Bronze Customer Care award for its implementation of REACH text chat
  • Over 85% of customers polled appreciated their outage notifications
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Verify consent in accordance with TCPA, portability events, and FTC Do Not call list

ENFORCE filters messages across communication silos, including REACH Preference Management. The platform is configured to differentiate events that do not require explicit consent such as service interruptions.


Protect customer private data under the California Consumer Privacy Act

ENFORCE maintains consumer consent and filters access to customer information over the Internet in accordance with CCPA.

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