PODCAST: Safeguarding College Campuses during COVID-19 – A Chat with Chief Thompson (Arizona State University)

What are some of the challenges and opportunities for campus safety to take a leading role in student wellness and public safety? How are campus departments coping with communication and social adversities during COVID-19 both internally and in the wider community?

In this episode our CEO Jay Malin meets with Michael Thompson, Chief of Police at Arizona State University, to understand how police departments in the US have navigated challenges throughout the pandemic – from interactions with the public and liaising with external public safety bodies, to redefining the limits of law enforcement amid social justice movements.

Chief Thompson – who’s been serving as Chief of Police since 2014 – joined the ASU Police Department in May 2008 after spending 20+ years in a variety of assignments with the City of Mesa Police Department. He received a Doctorate from ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in Leadership and Innovation, and has also earned a Masters of Administration/Leadership degree from Northern Arizona University, and a Master of Education from Northern Arizona University.