WEBINAR | Reduce Dispatch And Save Time By 33% With Video And Text

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Speaker: Jay Malin, Managing Director of AGENT511

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Catch up with this 20-minute webinar aimed at Campus Safety and Public Safety experts, and discover practical solutions to common problems in communicating with your community.

Once residents – including students, campus employees and visitors – have called to request services, the clock is running. Save time and access to limited resources by using state-of-the-art tools such as text back, location, and streaming video. These messages can be leveraged by dispatchers and residents on-demand to provide additional information, offer handset location, or share smart phone video with dispatchers or agents. In addition, language translation via text helps to broaden your community outreach.

The talk addresses the needs of campus and emergency dispatch centers, including:
– Using text to overcome pocket dials while acquiring additional information after the call;
– Soliciting pictures and streaming video for situational awareness and remote property inspections; and
– How text foreign language translation may help to rapidly gather information.