WEBINAR | Chatbots: Building for Voice and Multilingual

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Speaker: Jay Malin, Managing Director of AGENT511

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Engaged customers remain loyal and interested in new products and services as competition grows for energy and water resources. As you expand your proactive communication efforts, consider how you can deliver a personalized self-service experience for customers responding to your call to action.

Whether inquiring about a bill, changing contact information, rescheduling an appointment, or reporting an outage, customers are seeking a seamless way to connect 24/7. Chatbots offer practical solutions to common problems in communicating with your community.

Watch this interactive 20-minute webinar, and discover new ways to mobilize the customer experience using live chatbots.

The talk covers:
– Best practices for virtual assistants
– Text, voice, web, and social channels
– Configurable, multilingual workflows and templates to maintain message relevance
– Pre-built AI intents dictionary for utilities and local government