WEBINAR | Enhance Your PSAP’s Situational Awareness

Join AGENT511 and Intrado on November 2 at 1pm EST for an insightful and interactive webinar to learn how video streaming offers PSAPs enhanced situational awareness, the ability to dispatch the right resources, and pinpoint the precise location of the incident.

In this complimentary session, Denis Marin, Sr. Product Manager at Intrado and I will demonstrate how to maximize the usage of one of the most important available tools – the camera phone – to enable dispatchers to link emergency calls with multimedia and live streaming video, and better prepare first responders to rapidly tackle danger.  Both industry leaders will demonstrate the capability and describe use cases.

Learn about:

–  How you can utilize our tools to put dispatch in control of streaming video and multimedia;

–  Multiple use cases, best practices, and insights into emerging industry standards;

–  AGENT511-Intrado Power 911 recently launched integration.

You’ll walk away from this short webinar with a clear idea of how AGENT511 and Intrado can help you better respond to emergencies.