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REACH your customers utilizing the communication channel of their choice.


AGENT511’s REACH™ platform orchestrates communications across your business providing a sophisticated solution for customer engagement and preference management.

Inform and engage customers with timely notifications delivered by two-way text, email, voice, and social messages. REACH’s event processor interacts with customers according to external events, their chosen preferences, and your business logic. Delivering personalized and broadcast messages, with manual and automatic message creation, REACH offers multichannel, geotargeted communication for customer engagement such as billing and payment, peak demand and utilization, appointment reminders, marketing, and outage and service interruptions.

REACH helps erase the frustration which often comes when connecting with customers, allowing for seamless communication between your organization and the end user. Open and easy lines of communication bridge the gap between quality service and a satisfactory customer experience.

REACH is an integrated, high-availability platform with a rich set of interfaces that break down application and business silos by unifying customer information, communication services, and messaging analytics. Visualize your operations clearly with REACH’s data warehouse and analytics dashboards.


  • SMS/MMS text, email, voice, push and social platforms
  • Rich template management
  • High throughput messaging with two-way interactivity
  • Triggered and ad hoc notifications
  • State of the art integration tools
  • Analytic dashboard and data warehouse


  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces TCPA compliance risk
  • Improves communications delivery
  • Reduces contact center calls
  • Unifies internal applications and major channels providers


Clients Include

ComEd-1 Westar-Energy Peco Exelon-1


ENFORCE the integrity of your business with a solution specifically designed for compliancy in accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


AGENT511’s ENFORCE™ compliance engine blocks unintended communication messages from reaching customers by aggregating do not call, opt-out, blocked number, and reassigned numbers for text and voice. The hosted, open software platform self-updates with major telephony databases, 3rd party applications, and preference tools. Authorized clients, such as the AGENT511’s REACH™ solution, interacts with ENFORCE through open API’s receiving a near-instant response on whether a communication may be attempted.

Avoid customer support issues and easily comply with customer communication preferences. ENFORCE™ is designed to help protect your company by collecting, managing, and storing all customer contact information. Continue operating efficiently adhering to your customers’ preferences.


  • Consolidates policies
  • GUI and API access for authorized vendor partners and stakeholders
  • Batch and real-time API
  • Automated list management
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Sync to DNC and carrier portability and lookup databases


  • Reduces regulatory compliance risk
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Easily integrates with leading systems
  • Automatic customer contacts


Extend your community reach with CITYTEXT allowing your citizens to receive and provide pertinent municipal information.


CITYTEXT is an interactive, two-way SMS text messaging platform that delivers on-the-go, self-service customer care on any phone in any mobile network. Text messaging is North America’s fastest growing way to communicate. More than 60% of the population regularly sends information via SMS, and the number of messages is growing 25% on a quarterly basis. Offer your community the chance to communicate in a manner they prefer.

Interactively acquire service requests from your citizens. The CITYTEXT solution automatically queries the citizen for qualifying information such as the request type, address, and flexible data. This service additionally offers the ability to opt-in or query the status to automatically validate submissions. In the event a knowledgebase query is unsuccessful, the citizen may be offered the ability to chat directly with an agent during available hours or submit pictures from their mobile phone.

CITYTEXT dispatches instant access and service requests to the field, municipal facilities, events, or personnel and serves as a cost-effective two-way paging system. The system also notifies citizens that a service request has been fulfilled and communicates in the event of dangerous situations, traffic, or other customized alerts.

The AGENT511 software is a secure, cloud-based platform designed for maximum uptime and capacity. The platform includes archival and reporting functionality and open interfaces to 3rd party applications. The platform can be connected to AGENT511’s SMS short code, the client’s short code or ten-digit phone number.” to “The platform can be connected to AGENT511’s SMS short code, or the client’s short code/ten-digit phone number.


  • Mobile knowledgebase
  • Hearing impaired and multilingual
  • Service requests
  • Dispatch notification
  • Pictures and text chat
  • Open 311/Reverse 311


  • Mitigate contact center congestion
  • Alternative to an off-line contact center
  • Universal handset and network
  • Spam-free and secure
  • Compatible with NG911 standards

Clients Include




TEXTBLUE provides protection for your citizens with the ability to text to 9-1-1 during an emergency when voice calling is not an option.


AGENT511’s TEXTBLUE platform seamlessly delivers text and multimedia messages to your public safety answering point (PSAP). Call takers and dispatchers on the front lines of emergency response must be able to navigate multiple communication channels across the citizen’s journey, providing them with every option for assistance during an emergency.

The text to 9-1-1 solution provides extra security for the speech and language impaired, language barriers, and in situations when it is unsafe to speak. TEXTBLUE offers premium functionality not available elsewhere including text back, automated language translation, conference calling, external PSAP transfers, and searchable canned message protocols. Optionally, the platform creates a patented automated voice call notification that mimics existing voice flows.

TEXTBLUE’s major incident management leverages AGENT511 expertise in the field to orchestrate automated interactive triage work flows and replies. On-the-fly routing policies can be applied to select messages based upon messaging content. The platform supports social and NextGen text, plus multimedia channels, easily integrating with leading Text Control Centers (TCC) and out-of-the-box Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) vendors. The platform evolves with new communication channels and industry requirements.


  • Georedundant cloud or on-premise solutions
  • Custom queues for Police, Fire, and EMS
  • Messaging and audit trail reporting dashboard
  • Automated side by side language translation
  • Text back for hang-ups or additional info
  • PSAP transfer ability regardless of technology or vendor


  • Maximize situational awareness
  • Assist deaf and speech impaired citizens
  • Accommodate foreign language callers
  • Quickly deployable without new equipment
  • Easy call taker and dispatcher workflows


Clients Include

Chicago-OEMC Greater-Harris-County 911-2 Bell-Canada-1 Telus City-of Calgary MTS-1


As the need grows for an alternative to live calls and complex web searches, CHATGENIE provides your customers with an automated assistant or chat bot for self-service.


CHATGENIE™, powered by AGENT511, is an interactive software platform that delivers a premium self-service customer experience via an automated assistant or chat bot with natural language processing. Customers enjoy the power of self-service on the platform of their choice as a complement to live agents. The solution is easily integrated with your knowledgebase, CRM/CIS, and ticketing systems to deliver real-time access to information. CHATGENIE is accessible via mobile text messaging (SMS) and Facebook Messenger, and facilitates a rich automated conversation that includes pictures, web forms, and location information.

A superb 24×7 customer experience delivers real-time access to ticket updates, informational queries, and billing. CHATGENIE™ is continuously expanding its knowledgebase and programming to include interactive conversations, maps, unique web pages, and multimedia galleries. Flexible, automated deployment solutions are readily integrated with REACH™’s Preference Hub to provide more accurate, relevant responses. The platform is integrated using web services or JSON API calls to third party ticketing systems or knowledgebases.


  • Facebook and SMS compatibility
  • Two-way interactivity
  • Integration with CRM/CIMS/ERP
  • Rich multimedia content and location
  • Natural language processing
  • Foreign language translation


  • Cost-effectively mitigates live calls
  • Promotes proactive customer engagement
  • 24×7 social presence
  • Next-generation appeal
  • Supports ADA community

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