Expedite citizen access to information and services

REACH INTERACTIVE™ and TEXTBLUE™ delivers next-generation text and social communications channels by which citizens communicate with local government.

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Empower your community with universal access to resources at their fingertips

AGENT511 communication platforms offer self-service and live chat to facilitate services requests for non-emergency and emergency services.  REACH INTERACTIVE creates an easy, flexible messaging channel by which citizens create Open311 service requests with pictures and video.

  • Universal text and social access to citizen services and information
  • State-of-the-art integrations with CRM, GIS, and open data sources aggregates knowledge and enhances messaging relevance
  • Empowers citizens to take ownership for infrastructure improvements
Proactive Citizen Communications

Personalized, proactive communication calls your citizens to action

Service request updates, court and appointment reminders, and water billing notifications helps to avoid busy contact centers while increasing engagement.

  • REACH consolidates communications to create a branded, personalized citizen experience
  • Multilingual text channels enhance access for non-native speakers and the speech and hearing impaired communities
  • REACH INTERACTIVE supports confirmation responses, crew call outs, and text-to-pay
  • Omnichannel messaging ensures message delivery across communication channels

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