Maximize customer carrier data integrity

by Jay Malin, Managing Director

Troubled by systems that can only make voice calls because they can’t delineate between wireline and wireless numbers?  Troubled by systems for which your consent request could take several days?

In today’s modern world, look-up services are able to quickly and automatically differentiate between phone numbers and place calls or text messages in accordance with compliant business logic that maximizes the likelihood of delivery and minimizes duplicate calls.  This logic could initiate a message to the text channel and if a delivery receipt fails or is not confirmed within a specified time period, a voice notification would be initiated.  ENFORCETM, The Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) platform created by AGENT511, uses the clients business logic to determine whether the consent is adequate for the message type.

Consent can be updated either immediately or based upon wireless carrier updates to the look-up and portability databases.  Many times, organizations use batch processes for updating consent across a number of disparate communication platforms.  We recommend that in order to enhance customer satisfaction while remaining compliant, these processes be run as close as possible to real-time.  If there are communications siloes, they can be avoided by a single consent broker (like ENFORCE) that receives updates from carriers and different platforms and publishes updated lists.  This allows for consolidation of data, thereby maximizing integrity across the organization.

New tools, best practices, and real-time data synchronization interfaces are important components in any customer engagement strategy. Discover more about AGENT511’s platforms.