Visit AGENT511 at California NENA

February 22, 2018

Visit AGENT511 at CAL NENA, Exhibit #23, February 27-28, 2018, in Sunny La Jolla, California.  The company will be showcasing its’ TEXTBLUE product featuring text back, automated language translation, and customized workflows and triage.  TEXTBLUE is deployed by the largest agencies in North America.  Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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AGENT511 to show virtual assistants at CS Week 2018

February 12, 2018

AGENT511 is a Silver Sponsor for the Utility Analytics Summit at CS Week, April 30 – May 4, 2018, being held in Tampa, Florida.  Visit with AGENT511, Exhibit #226, to learn more about Customer Preference Hub, Virtual Assistants, and Omnichannel Communications.

Jay Malin of AGENT511 will co-present with PECO, “Breaking Down Communication Silos to Improve the Customer Experience.”

Check out for more information.

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AGENT511 presents on 9-1-1 automation at National NENA

January 15, 2018

Join Jay Malin, ENP, from AGENT511 at National NENA, June 20th, 2018 at 11:15 am, to learn about how automation and intelligence can be applied to text and social communications for major events.  Visit with AGENT511 team members in Nashville to learn more about TEXTBLUE for emergency communications centers.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will help PSAPs address major events and media such as text and social communications. Automation is widely deployed and is ready to deliver simple triage such as grouping messages by location and phrases and providing automated instructions and contact information. This presentation describes AI and how automation will be leveraged to meet the PSAP challenge of more events and communications.”

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AGENT511 to present at EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference

October 10, 2017

AGENT511 is participating in Chartwell’s EMACS – The Customer Experience Conference, October 10-13, 2017 in Phoenix.

The 2017 EMACS Conference is where utility professionals gather to network, exchange best practices and share new ideas with one another. This year’s presenters will represent a combination of real-life experience, technical expertise and forward-thinking strategies related to improving the customer experience.

Stop by the AGENT511 booth and discuss how our real-time communications and automated chat will enhance your customer’s experience and relieve the burden on call centers.

Our experienced team is also available to talk about the challenges of integrating real-time communications into legacy systems and relevant regulatory compliance issues.

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AGENT511 at EUCI Outage Communications Conference

September 27, 2017

AGENT511 is a sponsor of the EUCI 2017 Outage Communications conference in Denver.

Nearly 90% of utilities in North America face an emergency outage event at least once per year and 1 in 4 utilities deal with as many as five outages per year. While the primary focus for utilities is restoration of power during an outage, in the minds of many customers, communication is an integral part of the restoration process.

During outages customers are seeking information which can be in the form of emails, text messages, social media or non-digital communication. Customers expect an estimate as to when their power will be restored, knowledge of affected areas and information concerning next steps.

At EUCI’s 7th Outage Communications conference, utility and industry professionals will share best practices in handling outages and how organizations continue to transform the communications landscape. Conference attendees will enjoy quality networking with industry peers and will take away great ideas for refining and administering their outage communications programs.

AGENT511 is pleased to be a sponsor of this conference. Please visit to discuss the benefits of real-time outage communications to your organization, the challenges of integrating real-time communications into legacy systems and relevant regulatory compliance with our experienced team.

The Conference & Expo runs September 27-28, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.

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AGENT511 at IIT Real-time Communications Conference

September 25, 2017

The IIT RTC (Real-Time Communications) Conference and Expo, and International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) Connect Forum is a globally recognized collaborative event, creating connections between industry and academia. Leveraging its unique academic setting, this annual conference assembles technical professionals to promote an open exchange of ideas to lead future development in the rapidly changing field of real-time communications.

AGENT511 is pleased to again be a sponsor of this conference. Please visit to discuss integrating real-time communications into legacy systems and regulatory compliance with our experienced team.

The Conference & Expo runs September 25-28, 2017 and is located at IIT Hermann Hall, 3241 South Federal, Chicago, IL 60616.

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